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Large investment, trading, and insurance funds spend millions of dollars each year to study their audience. This is done for one purpose: to paint a picture of the CURRENT gain as opposed to a future perspective like everyone else does. 


People tend to get an immediate return when they part with their money.

As financial products cannot provide that – successful market participants know that their role is to give an emotional return when signing an agreement. 


If your business is connected to investment, insurance, or trading, you should already know by now that most conversions are not instant. This means your marketing strategy cannot be solely based on Facebook or Google ads with their restrictions on content and high bids for clicks. 


Converting prospects into clients in the financial world is a marathon, not a sprint. However, this marathon can be well-planned and structured, with you controlling every step your prospect takes. 

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When working with financial products and services, my mission is to make your company an exciting place to join and automate the process of conversion as much as it is possible, using a soft but persuasive approach. 

Many times conversion is not possible without a personal call, communication, or even a meeting. But would you prefer to have the person sitting in front of you who has doubts about your industry, your company, and your offer? Or, maybe you would do better on a call with the one who is excited to meet you, acknowledges you as an expert, and is open to the options you’re about to provide? 

Now you know the main goals sales funnels and digital content accomplish for your business. 

Here’s what we usually work on with financial companies: 

  • Company profile & product packaging
  • Prospect’s detailed Customer Avatar Profile
  • Complete automated sales funnel structure & main messages
  • Website content
  • Triggered email sequences – to meet the person where they’re at
  • Retargeting ads 
  • Webinars 
  • Lead magnets
  • Landing pages
  • Call scripts
  • Social media outreach scripts
  • Chatbots

“Automating and controlling sales in the financial world is crucial for the company’s survival.
Average companies know their prospects by the information they’re providing.
Great companies know what their prospects are thinking at a subconscious level.
I know exactly how to help you establish connection with your audience and create a digital marketing strategy that will successfully serve your company for years to come.”

Margo White