High-Ticket Content Strategy For Your…

Digital Products

Voltaire once said: “It’s not enough to conquer, one must learn to seduce.” 

What is the key difference between selling low-ticket and high-ticket products? 

With low-ticket product it’s enough to choose the right audience (or have a massive advertising budget), grab people’s attention, fix their immediate need, present an attractive offer, remind them about it often enough – and you’re done! 

Almost all marketing courses you know out there teach you how to sell such products using their ready-made sales funnels, email campaigns, those annoying ads you see every morning (we all see them). 

The same strategy can be fatal for high-ticket products. People make expensive purchases for emotional, not rational reasons. Moreover – they want to feel like they’re in control of the purchase, so “pushing” them to the limits with “BUY NOW” is inappropriate. Your goal is to develop EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS and make the person feel special all the way – from getting to know your product or service to owning it. 

Now you know why there are so few people daring to charge more…Not everyone is meant to build those relationships and is confident enough to charge $500+ or $1000+. 

You do need the right strategy, packaging and content in place to enter High-Ticket Product Market – but once you’re there you quickly find  less competition, more grateful clients, and bigger pay checks. 

With The Content DNA High-Ticket Product Strategy, we will help you turn the purchase of your product into an exciting experience and reach out to the audience that is eager to purchase it. 

Here’s what we can work on together: 

  • Your High-Ticket Product Plan
  • Developing the ultimate Purchase Experience
  • Content for your Website
  • A complete Sales Funnel Structure & Content
  • Email Marketing / Ads / Promotion
  • Video / Audio Content
  • Public Relations Package
  • Social Media Package
  • …and more. 

The quickest way to analyse your current stage and set a High-Ticket Product Action Plan is to click the button below. 

“High-Ticket Product Market is emotionally and financially one of the most rewarding places for doing business nowadays.  If you’re wondering “is this the best time to enter it in 2022?” – thee answer is YES.

Margo White